Happy Pride month friends!

Pride Parade Salt Lake City 6 2 2019 (306)

Photo cred: Robin Pendergrast

For those of you who don’t know, I volunteer at a non-profit called Encircle, an organization that provides programming, counseling, and service opportunities to LGBTQ+ individuals. The newest location opened in a historic house in downtown Salt Lake City this February!

From their website:

“Encircle seeks to deepen and enrich the conversation among communities of faith and LGBTQ+ people. By teaching individuals to love themselves and empowering families, Encircle helps cultivate an environment where LGBTQ+ individuals can thrive. Our programs and services meet people wherever they are in their lives with cultural competency and sensitivity, using community partnerships, best practices, and innovative techniques.”


The house is beautiful, warm, and welcoming–but as you can see below, the bookshelves in their designated library are totally bare! (Except for that copy of Watership Down, haha.) Since I also work at the public library, I talked with the program manager about getting some books that would help the community they serve feel seen and foster more understanding among family members.

bookshelf.jpeg bookshelf2.jpeg


Unfortunately, they currently have zero funds to spend on books. Never fear, said I, the book community is more awesome than you know! 

So, there are two ways you can help fill those shelves with books:

1. Purchase a book from this Amazon wishlist! Easy peasy. The book will get shipped to Encircle automatically. A lot of options are less than $10 if you don’t have a lot of money to spend!

  1. Note: I have already bought/donated several books myself and gotten donations from others, so if you don’t see your favorite on the list, that might be why! However, having multiple copies of the same book is a problem we’re happy to have, so if you feel like purchasing something not on the list, don’t worry about that. (:
  2. You’re also welcome to purchase books through your local indie bookstore or Book Depository, and have them shipped to the address listed below.


2. If you are an author/bookseller/librarian/publisher and you have LGBTQ+ books you would like to donate, you may ship them to the address below.

  1. ARCs are okay! They’re not going to be sold, they will live in the library. However, please only donate copies that are in good shape (new or looks newish).
  2. Just a reminder: right now, we’re only looking for books with LGBTQ+ themes, preferably written by queer authors (and particularly queer authors of color).



Attn: Tyler Domgaard

Encircle House

331 S 600 E

Salt Lake City, UT


Finally, if you’d just like to make a monetary donation to Encircle, you can do so here. Your donation might not go strictly to books, but still helps. (:

If you have any questions, here is my email: mckellegeorge (a) gmail (dot) com.